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KB Group
Meet the Team
Simon Klinkhamer

Simon Klinkhamer, Director

As founder of KB Group, Simon provides the vision for the business. We have successfully designed and delivered commercial solutions that have transacted in the billions. Simon's role is to anticpate the future of the ticketing industry and create solutions that deliver material benefit for our clients.

Tania Chapman

Tania Chapman, Director

With over 20 years experience working with Government and large corporates, including international banks, Tania brings formidable database and deployment expertise to the team. She is responsible for managing the development workflow as well as ensuring that our systems are fully deployed, implemented and functioning.

Samiruzzaman Samir

Samiruzzaman Samir, Software Development Manager

With nearly 10 years experience, Samir is responsible for managing the development of our deliverables. He works closely with our global development teams to ensure that the requirements of our international clients are achieved in the most cost efficient and effective manner.

Andrew Klinkhamer

Andrew Klinkhamer, Technical Architect

As our resident technical guru, Andrew brings a wealth of detailed technical expertise to the team. He outlines solution architecture descriptions, then monitors and governs their implementation. Andrew has a sharp focus on creating high performance, scalable solutions.

Tanzil Hamim

Tanzil Hamim, General Manager and Software Quality Assurance Manager

Tanzil brings a wealth of experience of testing web, PC and mobile based software applications. He fully understands the iterative software development lifecycle and has a rich understanding of both manual and automated testing methods and processes. Tanzil has extensive technical knowledge of test systems hardware and software as well as planning and task management skills. Tanzil maintains our networks and our various database platforms.

Kamruzzaman Methun

Kamruzzaman Methun, System Analyst & Software Developer

Methun has broad experience on different software development platforms and architectures. His current passions include web and mobile application development. He has professional experience on ecommerce SDLC, web services and various payment gateways. He also has experience on application development for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Ishtiak Zaman

Ishtiak Zaman, System Analyst & Software Developer

Ishtiak is our quiet genius. He is a passionate programmer with experience in graphical programming and game theory. He loves to solve puzzles, with a preference for very difficult ones.

Mehedi Hasan

Mehedi Hasan, System Analyst & Software Developer

Mehedi is the Ticket Experience Team Leader. He has a passion for the design, development and testing of enterprise software. He has an excellent knowledge of Object Oriented Programming, Web Development, COM+ and C++ coding. Outside of work he loves to play cricket, football and volleyball as well riding his motor bike to distant places.

Amlan Talukder

Amlan Talukder, System Analyst & Software Developer

Amlan is an expert on eticketing website development and eticketing management. His core competencies include ASP, Javascript and COM+ programming. His most underestimated quality would be the way he manages time to sneak a peak at a few football websites no matter how acute the work pressure is.

Tanvir Murshed

Tanvir Murshed, System Analyst & Software Developer

Tanvir is responsible for the software design and development of new features in both Ticket Experience and our ecommerce sites as well as supporting and enhancing existing software solutions. He likes problem solving and has worked with a variety of different technologies according to the demands of different projects. His interests include software design, networking and mobile applications.

Sharif Kaiser Sagar

Sharif Kaiser Sagar, System Analyst & Software Developer

Sagar has experience creating BACS integrations, Direct Debit and membership functionality. He is a talented developer with excellent problem solving and programming skills. He finds interest in reading, thinking, travelling and music.

Shakil Hossain

Shakil Hossain, System Analyst & Software Developer

Shakil is an expert in Smart Phone and Access Control solutions. He is very passionate mobile application developer (iOS and Android). He has a great talent for finding elegant solutions to awkward problems and has a keen eye for a great UI. His passions include bungee jumping, paragliding, travelling and music. Shakil loves to dream and when he is not tapping away on a keyboard he is a keen football fan.

Ximran Rahman

Ximran Rahman, System Analyst & Software Developer

Ximran develops and supports our world class ecommerce websites. He has a great skill for quickly providing elegant solutions for our eticketing websites. He passes his leisure time by reading story books, watching movies and chatting with his friends.

Khondoker Asif Akter

Khondoker Asif Akter, System Analyst & Software Developer

Asif develops our world class ticketing solution Ticket Experience. He is passionate about creating easy to use systems for our clients. He likes to shred trails with his mountain bike.

Dipanker Baisya

Dipanker Baisya, System Analyst & Software Developer

Dipanker works on developing Ticket Experience. He is an expert on complex algorithms and has published academic papers on the subject. In his free time, Diapnkar likes to have fun with friends, playing cricket, watching movies, sports and reading blogs.

Anindya Biswas

Anindya Biswas, System Analyst & Software Developer

Anindya has rich understanding about ecommerce solution. He is a talented developer with excellent problem solving and programming skill. He has passion for a variety of different technologies. He finds interest in reading, travelling, chess, gaming and music.


Abdul Mannan, Office Administrator

Mannan ensures everything runs smoothly in the Dhaka office, including keeping everybody satiated with his delicious curries.


Abdul Halim Hira, Office Administrator

Hira is Mannan's trusty assistant.